1、She answered the question promptly.

2、But this question is flawed.

3、He pointedly ignored the question.

4、I have just>5、The question still remains unsettled.

6、She ignores the vital question of pace.

7、The question is: where is the hitch?

8、There is no question about his honesty.

9、He tried to evade the embarrassing question.

10、Then ponder that question and answer it.

11、I want to begin next class with this question, the question of animals.

12、The little flipper bird asked me a perceptive question. A question like that deserves an answer.

13、In our discussion this question was incidentally brought up.

14、A: I already answered this question at the last briefing.

15、The question arises here; does initiation correspond to pre-neoplasia?

16、His suitability for the job is open to question.

17、To me, however, the greatest challenge is not the matter/question of…but (the matter/question) of…

18、The question shocked him. Although it shouldn’t have.

19、This question and another similar question, ‘Have you decided what you will do after you finish school?

20、What this following hides is Biang abdicates facing time inextricability serious social question confusedness, attempted to finish this question with idealized processing.

21、For truly exploratory analytics work, such predictions can be nearly impossible, as data analysis is iterative and unpredictable: ask a question; consider the response; ask a better question.

22、If you think you sound obnoxious or obstinate by not answering the question, think of how he feels asking the question more than>23、You can email your question to friends and family, read Wikipedia articles until your eyelids droop, or even post your question to your blog.

24、We may not have an answer to the Nemesis question until mid-2013.

25、Good and evil will always be rewarded, it is>26、Had she used 100 years as the benchmark it might have been an interesting question.

27、He saw that she was preoccupied, and forbore to question her.

28、It was never a question of her being artistically ready-a gift like that doesn’t disappear.

29、He responds: “it’s important because we are its legates, and if we question nothing from that costly conflict, then we need question nothing in conflicts of the present and future.”

30、Nothing seems to polarize people as much as the vexed question concerning the importance of audible differences between amplifiers.

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